I lost Six stone in Six months

"I was really nervous about joining a slimming and exercise class, but Miranda and everyone was really welcoming and friendly. Without the amazing support I have received at the class I would never managed to lose 6 stone in 6 months! I have met some inspiring people and made lots of friends. The ongoing support and guidance has been life changing for me".

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Catherine Dunn

Miranda’s classes have changed my life for the better, forever.

I joined Miranda’s diet and fitness class at the end of 2010. I had just returned from holiday and on seeing the photos I realised that I needed to do something to change my life. I had a young family and wanted to stay fit as they were growing up.

I was so nervous on my first visit to class…………..I needn’t have been, as I was instantly made welcome and put at ease. The classes were fantastic with some great exercise and advice about the journey I was setting out on. I had tried other diets in the past, however, the main difference this time was that I was not travelling alone. There was such a great atmosphere at class from Miranda’s enthusiasm and energy to other members wanting everyone to succeed.

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Without my weekly visits to class I could have easily dropped back to my old habits, but the family atmosphere created by Miranda meant that I always felt valued and that there was a genuine interest in what I was doing and I wanted to succeed and reach my goal.
It is a journey I would definitely recommend to others.
Miranda’s classes have changed my life……..for the better, forever.

Sara Jane





From a dress size 18 to a size 10

"Quite simply Miranda has revolutionised my approach to healthy eating and fitness. I said 'goodbye' to three and a half stone and never intend to say 'hello' to it again."

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With Miranda's enthusiastic and committed approach, I have maintained my weight loss. Oh, I still might gain a few pounds whist on holiday, but its back to class I go on my return and those pounds soon disappear!

Thank you Miranda from a dress size 18 to a size 10
Jane Grant



NINE stones weight loss and I feel amazing

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager and when I was at school I got into the horrible circle of being bullied and ending up eating to feel better. My before picture was taken in February 2010. I got married the October of that year and decided I couldn't 'waddle' down the aisle. I started slimming and lost 5 and a half stone, I then had my two children and put weight back on. After having my 2nd child last October I started at Miranda's club in January and with amazing support from some lovely ladies I have lost the weight I gained and more. I am currently at a 9 stone weight loss all together and hope to do another stone by the end of the year. I can do so many things I have never been able to do before, I can run around with my little boys and go into shops and not worry about going to the bigger section. I feel amazing. Thank you so much for your support Miranda you are amazing. Xxx

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Natasha George-Sloan

You turned our lives around

Julie and I joined your fitness class in September 2013 after Julie had a health scare. I suggested she re-join your class and offered to join with her. Julie was a member of your club before I met her in 1999 and she enjoyed her perfect body weight and looked fabulous. We both had lapsed into bad habits and needed to lose 3 stone each.

Now with your expertise we both have achieved our goals and feel 20 years younger. I had given up any hope of enjoying wearing size 33 trousers again, but now I am able to wear the size of trousers I had in 1975 when I was 17. We feel fitter and healthier and are really looking forward to our delayed honeymoon to Mexico in 2015.

We love your classes and look forward to your recipe ideas, encouraging approach and the fun we have in the aerobic sessions. You have helped us to turn our lives around we are now determined that this is a way of life for us that we thoroughly enjoy.

Thank you, best wishes  Bob & Julie Riley